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Truck Solutions

SAMPI wide portfolio allows to create fully equipped delivering systems for the measurement, pumping and control of Fuels. All components are MID (module B, module B+F, module B+D) approved and suitable for semi-trailers, bobtails and hydrant dispenser.


Refined fuels business includes Gasoline, Diesel and Heating Oil both for private and retail delivery. SAMPI can provide a wide range of products for tanker truck customers; see below for more details.

TEX Flow Computer

TEX is the most recent component belonging to the family of electronic register produced and designed by SAMPI. The design has been founded on several years of collaboration and listening of customer needs. Easy to install and set-up, simple and smooth to operate, widely compatible with all the fleet management solutions. TEX is conceived to be fully adaptable to any specific customer needs.

Positive Displacement Meters

Positive displacement flow meters are liquid measuring instruments that maintain precise and accurate metering over long periods of operation. Simple in design and with a wide range of flow rates (115-3.850 l/min), M, MS, MSA, MSAA and SM meters are widely used on truck applications all over the world.

Gravity Meter

The gravity meter expands the traditional capabilities of positive displacement flow meters, by allowing the metering system to be utilized without pump, and in combined pumped/gravity layouts. The gravity meter enables also the combined dry/wet hose applications, thus covering the full range of typical tank trucks configurations. The wide operating pressure (0.1-10 bar) combined with the high flow rates available in both gravity and pumped applications (200-1.000 l/min) permit to gain higher efficiencies and significant reduction of the overall investment cost.


RVP pumps are rotary vane type, self-priming, provided with integral by-pass valve to protect the pump and system against overpressure. The RVP pumps are made with vanes produced from advanced polymers which exhibit extremely low coefficients of friction. Due to its efficiency Sampi RVP pumps require less horsepower than other equivalent pumps. RVP pumps are available in 2”, 2,5” or 3” size with flow rates ranging from 150 to 1.000 l/min.


Filtering, air detection (both mechanical and electronic) and elimination are vital steps to guarantee both accurate measurements and the overall system durability. Since decades, Sampi components are recognized as best options available on the market. Similar to metering components, Sampi can scale up and down the size (1,5”-4”) and performance of these components to exactly match the optimal system layout. Furthermore, a wide range of preset and shut-off valves are available to suit all typical activation principles: manual, pneumatic, electric.

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