RVP-Series pumps are rotary vane type, self-priming, provided with an integral by-pass valve to protect the pump and system against overpressure. The sliding vane pump consists of a rotor turning inside a cam that is eccentrically machined in relation to the rotor. As the rotor turns, the vanes sliding up and then down from/to it displace the liquid forward. The RVP Series pumps are made with vanes produced from advanced polymers which exhibit extremely low friction coefficients. The self-adjusting vanes compensate for wear and help extend the life of the pump. SAMPI RVP Pumps are originally designed for fuel and light petroleum products applications: due to their efficiency, they can handle volatile liquids and require less horsepower than other equivalent pumps.


Main Features

On mobile systems (road tankers):
– Direct drive from truck PTO through cardan joint
– Hydraulic motor drive with adaptor
– Pumping set with diesel engine with plate to fix on truck chassis

On stationary systems (terminal, bulk plants and dispensing points):
– Electric motors with belt & pulley or gearbox drive
– High flow dispensers, with electric motors, with rubber hose and nozzle, also with hose reels for long distance dispensing, marine and aviation refuelling
RVP-Series pumps can be supplied upon request in ATEX II 2 G version (applicable to zone 1), also with overheat temperature switch.

Material of Construction

Components Standard Material Available Options
Body Cast Iron
Head Cast Iron
Flanges Cast Iron
Rotor Nodular Iron
Bearing Cover Steel Bearing Cover in Aluminium and Couple in Steel
Bearings Spheric, lubricated with grease at 149°C (300°F) max
Vanes Resin with parts in Stainless Steel 316 at 115°C (240°F) 4250 cP (20000 SSU) max
Bypass Valve Cast Iron with Nickel
Bypass/Head AOV Cast Iron
Bypass Valve Cover Cast Iron
Spring Bypass Valve Plated Steel
Mechanical Seal Cast Iron Stainless Steel and Ni-Resist
Mechanical part of seal Steel
Shaft Carbon Steel
O-rings Buna-N at 115°C (240°F)
Gaskets Composit until 260°C (500°F)
Vanes Guide Hardened Steel

Technical Specifications

RVP20 2″ 333 l/min (88 GPM) @ 780 RPM 4250 cP (20000 SSU) 13,8 bar (200 PSI)
RVP25 2½” 602 l/min (159 GPM) @ 780 RPM 4250 cP (20000 SSU) 13,8 bar (200 PSI)
RVP30 3″ 1026 l/min (271 GPM) @ 640 RPM 4250 cP (20000 SSU) 13,8 bar (200 PSI)

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