Mechanical Air Eliminator

SAMPI mechanical air and vapor eliminators remove air and vapor from the metering system. The removal of air and vapor upstream of a metering system is due in order to keep the meter accuracy by allowing only liquid through it to be measured. SAMPI mechanical air or vapor eliminators are to be connected to a vapor recovery line back to the liquid tank or to an aimed storage tank.

Main Features

A float inside the air eliminator case is connected to two SS reeds which shut the side vent ports when the metering set is full of liquid. When air comes in the float drops down drawing the reeds and opening the vent ports. Through the vent ports air/vapor goes to a recovery line or, when present to an Air check/differential valve.

Material of Construction

  • Aluminium
  • Hard anodized aluminium
  • Stainless steel

Technical Specifications

  • Aluminium for use with M-Series positive displacement flow meters at pressure of 150 PSI (10,5 bar);
  • Hard anodized aluminium for use at high pressure of 350 PSI (25 bar) with MA-Series positive displacement flow meters in Class 10 (LPG service);
  • Stainless steel for use at 150 PSI (10,5 bar) of pressure on M-Series for acid pH liquids

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