FD Series

FD75 inline bulk strainer/air eliminator is meant for a combined action of retaining dirt and solid particles and meanwhile provide a liquid decanting area where air/vapour can be more easily released and expelled by the float air eliminator on its top.

This strainer/air eliminator meant for stationary applications like truck loading/unloading, can be matched with SAMPI LC Sound® ultrasonic air detector mounted both at its inlet and outlet for co-working with TEX flow computer driving HPV 2-stage valve, upon LC Sound input, as a check valve. This provides a better air elimination when significant air pockets are present upstream od the meter (e.g. at truck unloading start).

The standard FD 75 basket is 40 mesh.

Main Features

• 10 bar (145 PSI)
Flange size:
• 4″ ANSI RF 150#, carbon steel

Material of Construction

• Carbon steel

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