FA Series

Strainers help to protect meters from serious damage caused by burrs dislodged from new piping, pipe scale or foreign material. The strainer’s initial cost is good insurance against the cost of down time and replacement parts incurred from a damaged meter. A meter strainer installed on the inlet side is necessary even when a coarse strainer on the upstream side of the pump is included in the system. Strainers are not meant to be used as a system filter but as limited protection for the meter element itself. Strainer baskets are available in 80, 100 or 200 mesh.

Main Features

FA7 Strainer:
Suitable for MA5 and MA7 meters.
• 2″ 350 PSI (25 bar), Hard anodized aluminum, meant to LPG and ammonia. Supplied with cover or without cover when an air eliminator is used.

FA15 Strainer:
Suitable for MA15 meter.
• 3″ 350 PSI (25 bar). Hard anodized aluminum. Meant to LPG and ammonia. Supplied with cover or without cover when air eliminator is used.

Material of Construction

2″ 350 PSI, high pressure aluminium for MA-5 and MA-7 Meters. Materials of construction for Class 10 LPG applications.

Supplied with cover or without cover when air/vapor eliminator is used. Relief valve provided as required for Class 10.

Other classes available on special order including Class 12 (NH3).

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