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All Your Data in One Place

TEXHub is the new platform that allows you to manage in the Cloud all data produced by TEX locally and much more.


TEX Startup

The TEX set up has never been so easy.
TEX START UP  will guide you during the whole start-up process.

All the steps needed to do the proper configuration will be displayed through a smart check list, ensuring no step is missing.

Software and Firmware will be updated automatically to make sure TEX starts running with the latest functionalities.

There is also a Commissioning Checklist log that can be used anytime a previous set up needs to be uploaded with the possibility to create a database of typical configurations.


TEX Connect

TEX CONNECT is the door that opens TEX to third-party integrations.

Do you think physical cables or data collectors are a limit? Now you can get data via Wi-Fi or Ethernet, saving time and the money for the hardware.

Unlimited data is now possible… with TEX CONNECT, all available data stored in TEX can now be used for any kind of third-party integration or solution.

Smart researches are also possible, giving the chance of filtering per specific products, date, time, place and much more.

And … with the addition of the TEXNet, GPS is also available in real time as well as unlimited history logs.


TEXLink 3.0

TEX Link 3.0 is more than just a remote controller.

This enhanced Web App allows you to start, control and manage all deliveries from afar saving you time and money.

The 3.0 version includes all functionalities allowed by TEX, a Deadman check, a standstill option, and an automatic line change management. All to simplify the process and guarantee a secure delivery.

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Digital Services

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